Fox Torrent 2 Sneak Preview

We’ve been working on Fox Torrent 2, developing it using the open source Flex framework for Flash, from Adobe. This allows for faster development, and a richer UI than we’ve had before with just HTML/JavaScript.

Here’s the first public screenshot of Fox Torrent 2. We’ll try and get a beta version out so you guys can play with it as soon as possible.

View the screenshot.


Flash FoxTorrent?

Using actionscript, it’s quite possible to develop an Adobe Flash-based UI for FoxTorrent. We’d be the only BitTorrent client with a Flash UI. We could make it look quite slick, and still be useful (i.e. not annoying to use). It would also remove any memory leaks.

Whadd’ya think?  Should we do it?


FoxTorrent is now officially finnished

…thanks to Vesa Piittinen the FoxTorrent website has a Finnish translation!



FoxTorrent 1.14!

After much delay, FoxTorrent 1.14 is now released, which:

– Has proxy support: If you have a proxy configured (in Internet Explorer! — that’s the systemwide proxy setting) FoxTorrent will use it.

– Fixes ‘unregistered mimetype’ problems on first start.

– Fixes the broken streaming music player.

– Has a slightly nicer icon.



Many big bugfixes: FoxTorrent 1.13

We’ve released FoxTorrent 1.13, which fixes a bunch of important things:

  • Fixes a serious bug that caused downloading more than one torrent to completely break the downloads (they got stuck and reported unregistered torrent tracker errors).
  • Fixes a bug that caused excessively high CPU use.
  • Fixes a bug that caused the downloader process to restart frequently on Linux and Mac, interrupting downloads.

Check for updates in Add-ons to grab this important update. You should find FoxTorrent is much more usable now.

If you see your downloads have got stuck, you should go and re-click-on the original torrent links to “re-add” them to your download list. Sorry about that.. but fixed now.


Proxies: You hate them, but have to live with them. Who’s got one?

I’d like to know, who’s behind a proxy?
(Or for that matter, any other sort of internet-restricting corporate
firewall / restricted internet connection, etc.)

We plan on building proxy support into FoxTorrent so it can work in
the meekest of internet situations. So we’d like to gather details on
what our users have. Do you need to configure your IE and FF to use
the proxy to be able to browse the web? Did you try FoxTorrent and it
didn’t work and you suspect your wacky internet connection?

And if you have the details, is it a HTTP proxy, SOCKS 4, SOCKS 5, or
some other type?


Spanish and French translations

Since only 43% of visitors to speak English, we decided to do some translations. Thanks to Josemi and Brendan for the Spanish and French translations. We’re still looking for a German translator to help out the 14% of visitors that speak German.

So far has had 112,515 unique visitors. We might have one of the highest Firefox user-agent rates.. 89% of visitors are using Firefox. What are those 7% who use Internet explorer doing?



We’ve had a bunch of blog and website press. Good, bad and funny.

I like this one because of their impenetrable logic for using FoxTorrent (“Do you download torrent files? Is Firefox your default browser?”) and spiffy modification of our old logo.

We were reviewed quite positively on and

This guy was quick off the bat, reviewing FoxTorrent within a few hours of release.

This guy wants it built in to Firefox.

And of course there’s always the original TechCrunch article.

Cool, now our updates are getting coverage.

And finally, you gotta love translations (“FoxTorrent already is in charge by itself to fight with fire-resistant NAT”).


Linux and Mac path change feature fixed

The “change download folder” button in the FoxTorrent Options was brok-ed on linux and mac. Thanks to those that complained- FoxTorrent 1.11 fixes this. Update ahoy!


Huzzar Huzzar! Now it works everywhere!

We’ve just released the new version of FoxTorrent, version 1.10.

This fixes the problems a lot of people are having with downloading from particular torrent websites. Now it should work with every torrent website.

Click Tools->Add-ons->Find Updates to update and try it out. This’ll fix a lot of woes.

Plus we’ve got a spiffy new logo icon: