We’ve had a bunch of blog and website press. Good, bad and funny.

I like this one because of their impenetrable logic for using FoxTorrent (“Do you download torrent files? Is Firefox your default browser?”) and spiffy modification of our old logo.

We were reviewed quite positively on and

This guy was quick off the bat, reviewing FoxTorrent within a few hours of release.

This guy wants it built in to Firefox.

And of course there’s always the original TechCrunch article.

Cool, now our updates are getting coverage.

And finally, you gotta love translations (“FoxTorrent already is in charge by itself to fight with fire-resistant NAT”).



2 comments so far

  1. Darklord on

    Gr8 I am using FoxTorrent now. it’s good . but waiting for more option like other torrent client ,u-torrent , Bitloard …. . Importent option like download or upload limit. or more downloading status info like completed , Remaining , how meny seedres , hom many peers , Ratio etc…..


    and please disable that wordpress snap preview !!!
    its irritating ….

  2. tomjacobs on

    We already have an auto-upload limit. We may implement download limit, and display of ratio.

    The snap preview kinda is annoying ya.


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