Proxies: You hate them, but have to live with them. Who’s got one?

I’d like to know, who’s behind a proxy?
(Or for that matter, any other sort of internet-restricting corporate
firewall / restricted internet connection, etc.)

We plan on building proxy support into FoxTorrent so it can work in
the meekest of internet situations. So we’d like to gather details on
what our users have. Do you need to configure your IE and FF to use
the proxy to be able to browse the web? Did you try FoxTorrent and it
didn’t work and you suspect your wacky internet connection?

And if you have the details, is it a HTTP proxy, SOCKS 4, SOCKS 5, or
some other type?



5 comments so far

  1. Stephen on

    I’m behind a proxy at work and used to use one at home but most torrent clients don’t like proxies so I stopped using it. There are also those that use firewalls, similar but not always the same responses. The ones I use are HTTP. Most corporates might get somewhat upset by staff using bittorrent clients on their network though!

  2. Marco on

    I Use a direct connection to the internet, ADSL 4MB downstream and 512Kb UpStream, italian ISP called Eutelia, the connection is shared through a router in the Lan…
    I have UpNp enabled in my Lan and RedSwoosh uses Tcp 9420 and Upd 5000 to connect…So they are auto-forwarded…
    I use Outpost Pro Firewall and i’ve opened redswoosh to all activities…Win XP Firewall is Disabled…
    Everything seems OK, no proxyes, but since this morning FoxTorrent is Terribly Slow and works for a few minutes then dies again…
    I know this isn’t what you requested, but please let me know if the problem depends on your service or my connection suddenly died…Thanks.
    Marko88 (Italy)

  3. Georg Pichler on


    in my student’s dorm im behind a quite restrictive proxy, managed by an ISA server. Besides the fact that its damn slow, it only lets apps pass that support http proxies. I have no idea whether the ISA server makes much different on the HTTP proxy itself or not.

    To sum it up: Its a HTTP proxy that requires authentication (username & pass) somehow managed by an ISA server.

  4. tomjacobs on

    Thanks for the feedback. We’ve begun work on proxy support.

  5. Paradexes on

    I am behind a proxy. As part of my job I have to maintain a large open source archive. Mostly Linux Distros. One of the issues is alot of downloads need to be done via bitorrent. Our network admins refuse to open that part of the network up.

    We are using an HTTP proxy. We do not require authentication for access. In this case there is a buisness reason as well. I imagine I am not the only one either.

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