Flash FoxTorrent?

Using actionscript, it’s quite possible to develop an Adobe Flash-based UI for FoxTorrent. We’d be the only BitTorrent client with a Flash UI. We could make it look quite slick, and still be useful (i.e. not annoying to use). It would also remove any memory leaks.

Whadd’ya think?  Should we do it?



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  1. OpenUser on

    Flash is not open source. So if that doesn’t bother you…

  2. anonymous on

    That would be awesome! I was always hoping it would have a better interface(no offense)!

  3. bigbang on

    Yes. Do it. Flash streaming with bittorrent. Wow!

  4. yoyo on

    i wasn’t totally into it at first, but that could be some sick shiz.. . .

    DO IT!

  5. rabidsnail on

    As long as it worked in Gnash, I wouldn’t have a problem with it.

  6. Gavin on

    If it stops memory leaks then Yes!

  7. TomVal on

    Well, flash is not accessible for blind people, so I prefer current interface

  8. mordi on

    Why not AIR (apollo) for a desktop aplication??

  9. Devastator on

    Although Flash isn’t open-source, you might be able to do it on the Flex framework which is open-source – Mozilla Public License.

  10. tomjacobs on

    Thanks guys for the feedback on this one… we decided to go ahead with it, and it’s looking fantastic so far.. we’ll give you a sneak peek soon..

  11. tomjacobs on

    And yes, it is quite possible to bring it into a standalone desktop app with apollo.. sounds good..

  12. Byron on

    why not stay with the mozilla platform and develop a full on xul UI eventually leading to a stand alone application powered by xulrunner?

  13. Alex on


  14. Shesh on

    Yes.. you should go with AIR. its very promising.

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