Change the download folder?

We’ve just released a very asked-for feature; I can’t believe we didn’t have it before: The option to change your download folder. You’ll find this in Firefox’s Add-ons Manager (Tools->Add-ons). Click on Options for FoxTorrent. All new downloads will be created in the location specified there.



Mac and Linux busted: Fixed

Wouldn’t you know it.. due to a file permission problem caused by building the XPI on windows, FoxTorrent was broken on Mac and Linux!

Ivan has just posted the fixed version (1.02).  You should be able to get the auto-update from the Firefox addon manager.

Thanks to those that complained, and thanks for the temporary workaround provided on the discussion list!


FoxTorrent Seeding

A number of people have asked a few probing questions about FoxTorrent’s seeding policy.

Just wanted to clarify a couple of points. FoxTorrent does upload when it downloads, using the standard tit-for-tat BitTorrent protocol logic.

As for uploading after the download is complete (seeding), FoxTorrent uses a slightly different policy than other torrent clients- its strategy is that it does seed torrents after the download is complete, but is a lot nicer to your upload bandwidth and computer resources while doing so; backing off when your connection and/or computer is in use. So it’ll seed, without you having to worry about it seeding. Pretty neat huh?

So in short, and to address the main concerns, FoxTorrent clients do upload as much as they download. We’re not a selfish BitTorrent client.


FoxTorrent 1.0!

Oh, sheesh, Tom is far too modest. This latest release represents far more than just another platform, or just a few more features. This release represents a complete, functional, usable 1.0 product and marks our official entry into the BitTorrent world.

I think congratulations are in order to Ivan for the great work porting everything over to Mac and Linux, to Tyler for making vast improvements to the underlying web UI, and of course to Tom, for doing the heavy lifting on the client code and for having “the vision” in the first place. Way to go guys!

Anyway, please give it a shot, kick the tires, and let us know what you think– this is the last chance before the masses come!


Mac and Linux support!

We’ve just released Mac and Linux support!
Ivan has been quietly porting FoxTorrent to both the Mac and Linux platforms, and so now we’re pleased to officially announce support for:

  • Mac OS X (both PowerPC and Intel)
  • Ubuntu Linux (Intel x86)

If you use either one of these systems, visit to install, and let us know how it works on the system you have, and if you run into any problems.
Also, if you have another distribution of Linux, we’d love to hear how it works on that as well.


New features

We’ve just completed a much-requested feature: tracker status messages. FoxTorrent now notifies you when the tracker is broken, and reports tracker error (or login required) messages.

We’ve also updated the FoxTorrent UI to include total percentage complete for each torrent, a check/uncheck all checkbox, and torrent Collapse/Expand buttons, which will help when you have a lot of torrents listed, and also improve loading time of the UI because collapsed torrents don’t have to load their file details on page load.
We’ve also added an easy to use feedback form, to encourage the quick reporting of bugs:

Finally, we’ve added a beta of an in-page MP3 player. But we’ll let you see that one for yourself.

The FoxTorrent Team.

New UI!

Tyler has re-written the entire FoxTorrent WebUI!

It features instant responsiveness on button clicks, cool looking progress bars, muuch neater code, and three slogans! Check it!

– The FoxTorrent Team.


“Using a small amount of CPU” is one of the most important features a program can have.
You may have noticed that when the FoxTorrent WebUI is open, Firefox goes to town on your CPU every few seconds; it happened when a lot of files ( i.e. > 50 ) were in the downloading list.
This had to change.

With much major refactoring of how the FoxTorrent WebUI communicates with the Red Swoosh client, we got the ongoing CPU use down from maxing out the CPU every few seconds to, well, take a look:

(This is on a 1Ghz processor with 70 files in the download list.)

We still have that initial hit when opening the WebUI with torrents that include a large file set, but that’s a job for another day.

-The FoxTorrent team.

Multifile support!

Well, it’s finally here. FoxTorrent now fully supports torrents with multiple files in them. But why so difficult to complete?

UI. We had a single display line in the UI per torrent before. Now we have multiple files in a single torrent, we need to group them under a header. And pause/resume the torrent as a whole. And queue the remaining files in the torrent. And allow each file to be individually set to be downloaded or not.

Hashing. The way the BitTorrent protocol works for multifile torrents is kinda odd. All the files are concatenated together into one big blob, and you just request the portion of the blob that the file that the file covers. But the trick is that in order to hash-check the file to ensure the data is not corrupt, you need to download the region in front of the file and after the file to get the whole 256K of the hash-blocks to check. This is why you see in other torrent clients the files around a selected file will get a few percent downloaded as well even though they aren’t selected to download.

Network compatibility. The Swoosh network doesn’t have built-in support for downloading a group of files as one unit (Swoosh is a transparent layer for HTTP; HTTP doesn’t have it so Swoosh doesn’t need it), so sharing peers between files in the same torrent becomes an issue, as does exposing the grouped files to the UI. But don’t fret; we got it sorted.

So give it a burl and let us know how it works for you. You can now select each individual file in the torrent to let it download or not, or just let them all download. Kinda handy.



The logo, the logo

So we just can’t decide on a logo.



Or even..

Whaddya think?