Spanish and French translations

Since only 43% of visitors to speak English, we decided to do some translations. Thanks to Josemi and Brendan for the Spanish and French translations. We’re still looking for a German translator to help out the 14% of visitors that speak German.

So far has had 112,515 unique visitors. We might have one of the highest Firefox user-agent rates.. 89% of visitors are using Firefox. What are those 7% who use Internet explorer doing?



5 comments so far

  1. ego on

    Spanish flag that you use looks like Italian one

  2. tomjacobs on

    Ok, we’ve changed it back to the actual Spanish flag.

  3. Danilo Souza on

    if u need a portuguese from brazil translator, i’m available. Don’t woory about my english, i am better to translate from english to portuguese.

  4. thegp on

    If you need someone to get this translated into German, just email me the necessary stuff.

  5. tomjacobs on

    Thanks, we’ve got the German translation now!

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