Mac and Linux support!

We’ve just released Mac and Linux support!
Ivan has been quietly porting FoxTorrent to both the Mac and Linux platforms, and so now we’re pleased to officially announce support for:

  • Mac OS X (both PowerPC and Intel)
  • Ubuntu Linux (Intel x86)

If you use either one of these systems, visit to install, and let us know how it works on the system you have, and if you run into any problems.
Also, if you have another distribution of Linux, we’d love to hear how it works on that as well.



6 comments so far

  1. Greg Peters on

    I tried it on my Fedora Core 4 installation using Firefox 2.0. The install seemed to go OK, but when I restarted Firefox, it went into a loop complaining that Red Swoosh wasn’t available. It seemed to try to install RS, then would go back to complaining that it wasn’t there.

    I tried to go to the Red Swoosh site, but maybe I’m looking in the wrong place as it appears to only have a Windows client.

    I finally managed to wrestle it to the ground and uninstall it. Maybe next time.

  2. D4LT0N on

    Just the same here.

  3. D4LT0N on

    Oooops.. I forgot to say: I run Ubuntu Feisty and Firefox

  4. Wolli on

    I installed foxtorrent on ubuntu 7.04 and FF but he says he has to repair something when i download a torrent. but he cant fix the problem. then he wants to re-install foxtorrent. and then it all starts again.

  5. Denis on


    nothing about 64? I use Xubuntu x86_64…

  6. eva on

    it won’t work. it’s really frustratng

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