Many big bugfixes: FoxTorrent 1.13

We’ve released FoxTorrent 1.13, which fixes a bunch of important things:

  • Fixes a serious bug that caused downloading more than one torrent to completely break the downloads (they got stuck and reported unregistered torrent tracker errors).
  • Fixes a bug that caused excessively high CPU use.
  • Fixes a bug that caused the downloader process to restart frequently on Linux and Mac, interrupting downloads.

Check for updates in Add-ons to grab this important update. You should find FoxTorrent is much more usable now.

If you see your downloads have got stuck, you should go and re-click-on the original torrent links to “re-add” them to your download list. Sorry about that.. but fixed now.



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  1. Goofy on

    Hello 🙂
    I have noticed your smart extension is missing a locale structure, so I made one to be grabbed here:

    Note that I did not moved the 2 html files to the locale folder, though it should be done because of the amount of interface messages they include.

    Now that it is much easier to translate, you are welcome to submit your extension on , so you can get more locales for free (curently en-US only) . BabelZilla is a site and community dedicated to the translation of extensions for moz family apps. We have volunteer translators from all over the world and an online translation system. We are currently maintaining tanslations for more than 400 extensions .

    See you soon

    – Goofy

    BabelZilla Team

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