Features features..

So we’re working hard at making FoxTorrent feature-complete. We’d love people to be able to use FoxTorrent as their everyday torrent client, so we want to be careful not to leave out any important features that people might miss from other torrent clients.

The following is the feature list as it is currently billed.
Which features have we missed that would cause FoxTorrent to be a deal-breaker for your everyday use?
Also, which are the feature(s) that appeal the most to you?

  • Stream Torrents
    Play streamable media (video, audio, e.g. .WMV, .MOV, .MP3, .AVI) files as your torrent downloads.
  • Mac and Windows
  • Finally, a decent torrent client for the Mac.

  • Download torrents right in Firefox
  • Start torrent downloads with one click of the torrent file link. Download in Firefox’s Download Manager, and manage your torrents from right in Firefox.

  • Accelerated torrent downloads
  • Torrents are downloaded from both the BitTorrent and RedSwoosh network, resulting in greater speed and availability.

  • Low resource footprint
    The downloader aims to stay under 8MBs memory usage, written in high performance C++.
  • Auto-configuration
    FoxTorrent autoconfigures for NATs, UPnP, and firewalls so you don’t have to.
  • Open source
    The WebUI and XPI are open source, free to modify, skin and improve.
  • Background downloading
    Torrents continue to download in the background even after you’ve closed Firefox.

And of course multi-file support is in the works and will be available for beta-testing shortly.


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