Features features features..

This torrentfreak article lists 9 features “essential” to a bittorrent client:

Currently FoxTorrent stands:

Priotarization: No, no plans yet
DHT: We have the RedSwoosh CHT, for locating Swoosh peers; a different, and potentially more effective way of getting more fast peers.
Selective Downloading: Yes, coming in the next beta-release
Encryption: No, no plans yet
Tracker: No, but we have integration with Amazon S3’s hosting and tracking in the works
Remote Control: No, but easy to enable
Super Seeding: No, no plans yet
RSS: No, but could be done
UPnP Port Mapping: Yes

Following up on the previous post, is the lack of any of these a dealbreaker?
Are these actually important features in a torrent client, or not?



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  1. Mike on

    TorrentFreak lists some important features, but some of them are only relevant for the “heavy users”.

    I do think that DHT is very important to guarantee that the torrents will stay alive, same for multi-tracker support.

    RSS would be great also.

  2. tomjacobs on

    We’ll have the availability of Swoosh peers, which form a caching network, helping ensure longer content lifetimes. And we currently already support multi-tracker torrents.

  3. HurryUP_yo on


    DHT, who cares?
    Encryption. . .whateverz

    streaming and firefox integration is where it’s at. . .

  4. Tawhidul Islam Chowdhury (Nafis) on

    okay, I am still having some problems with my proxy, why not add some features for proxy servers.

  5. Jan on

    missing encription is a dealbreaker for me because my provider (and the other 2 as well) use traffic shapening to strangle all bt traffic.

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