Change the download folder?

We’ve just released a very asked-for feature; I can’t believe we didn’t have it before: The option to change your download folder. You’ll find this in Firefox’s Add-ons Manager (Tools->Add-ons). Click on Options for FoxTorrent. All new downloads will be created in the location specified there.



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  1. Marco on

    Great!Finally you did it!Now your project is always more complete & useful…
    Thanks, Marco (Italy)

  2. Marco on

    Good, but I tried to go to the Add-on Manager and it doesn’t display the Options Button as clickable (i mean it’s gray)so I still can’t change the Download Folder.
    Help! Marco (Italy)

  3. Tom on

    Hi Marco,
    Thanks for the feedback. We’ve just enabled the auto-upgrade for it, so try again now.. click Find Updates in the Add-ons manager.


  4. Marco on

    Oh, never mind, it’s too late, i have uninstalled FoxTorrent and RedSwoosh and Re-Installed everything from the homepage…
    NOW IT WORKS, i managed to change the folder and it works Great!Finally!Thank You…

    PS=I wrote a positive review about your project in the FireFox Add-On SandBox, gave you a “9”, just because I hope that you will keep on improving it!
    I’m doing all I can do to support you, I have also put a Banner in my MySpace and my Windows Live Spaces…


  5. Tom on

    Glad to hear it works.

    Thanks for the doing the review.. but I don’t see it on the sandbox page, is it posted there?


  6. Marco on

    Yes, i have posted two reviews in Sandbox (one in the Italian Site and one in the English Site) I think they just have to pass the administrator’s check before publishing…

  7. Pnikosis on

    I’m in Linux and I still can’t change the download folder :/
    I change it on ‘preferences’, but when I open the preferences again, I can see that the folder hasn’t changed 😦

  8. tomjacobs on

    This is a known bug on linux and mac, I’m working on this today.

  9. tomjacobs on

    Can you post the review in the discussion section instead, as the reviews aren’t getting though in the review section.

  10. tomjacobs on


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