FoxTorrent Seeding

A number of people have asked a few probing questions about FoxTorrent’s seeding policy.

Just wanted to clarify a couple of points. FoxTorrent does upload when it downloads, using the standard tit-for-tat BitTorrent protocol logic.

As for uploading after the download is complete (seeding), FoxTorrent uses a slightly different policy than other torrent clients- its strategy is that it does seed torrents after the download is complete, but is a lot nicer to your upload bandwidth and computer resources while doing so; backing off when your connection and/or computer is in use. So it’ll seed, without you having to worry about it seeding. Pretty neat huh?

So in short, and to address the main concerns, FoxTorrent clients do upload as much as they download. We’re not a selfish BitTorrent client.



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  1. Sy Ali on

    I want to seed a lot when I’m away. Is there a way for me to tell FoxTorrent to go full-speed for uploading when I’m away from my computer?

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