Why does FoxTorrent exist? (part 2)

I need to download that large file. Website says: here’s the direct link, and also, here’s the torrent file.

I’ll take the direct link. I just want the file damnit.

Why? Because I just want the file, damnit. I don’t want to download the torrent file, open that, have my BitTorrent app open,.. already it’s too much. If I click the direct link, the file just starts downloading. Suits me.

Poor website owner though. (There’s a reason downloads are moving to P2P.)

I want to click that torrent link, and have the actual content file start downloading, right in Firefox, just as regular downloads do. But of course I still want to keep the downloads going in the background, well after I close Firefox. That’s why we use the powerful RedSwoosh backend.


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